Arkansas Log Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident involving a log truck, a Little Rock truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Peter Miller, is ready to assist you.

Our Arkansas log truck accident attorneys are highly experienced in handling all types of truck accident cases, especially cases with serious or catastrophic injuries and those involving loss of life, which can result in a wrongful death suit. It’s important for you to use a team of legal professionals that are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but resourceful as well, as it offers the assurance that your case will be thoroughly investigated.

With three decades of Arkansas courtroom experience, the Law Offices of Peter Miller, will work hard to win your case in court, or settle it before you ever set foot in a courtroom.

About Arkansas Log Truck Accidents

Because there is a viable and active logging industry in Arkansas, specially designed trucks are used to transport logs from the site to either the lumber mill or the paper mill. The trucks are typically designed with heavy steel uprights, which support the logs that are stacked on the truck bed.

Typically, the logs are not secured and are held on the truck bed by their own weight and friction. In most cases, the cut logs hang out of the back of the trailer. Many log truck operators are independent contractors who are paid by the load. Therefor they are motivated to make as many runs a day as possible. Also, unlike interstate truckers, log truck operators tend to travel within the state and are not as carefully regulated as over-the-road big rig trucks, 18-wheelers, and tractor-trailer rigs.

Because the log truck operators are motivated to get in as many runs as possible in a day, and because of the rural nature of the logging industry, many log truck accidents occur on local, two lane roads, with the drivers significantly exceeding the speed limit. Accidents also occur frequently in the early morning when visibility and mental alertness are low, and in the evening when drivers are fatigued and trying to get in “just one more run”.

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